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About Tag Metals MTB

Established in 1999, TAG Metals soon became the go-to component brand of riders like Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed. Today the brand is represented by current-day legends Ryan Villopoto and Bubba Stewart.

Building great products isn’t something that just happens - you need experience. At TAG we honed our equipment in the harshest and most unforgiving of environments and it doesn’t get any tougher than Pro MX - it’s full gas from gate to flag with no quarter given or asked. This is where we tuned our product knowledge.

Given the synergy between Gravity MTB and MX, it seemed a totally natural move to launch TAG Metals MTB. For the past 3 years, our designers and engineers have worked tirelessly developing, testing, refining, reworking and testing again to reach the point where we’re proud to put the TAG Metals stamp of approval on the range.

These days MTB component development is more about evolution than revolution; it’s about small margins of improvement; small margins that make a big difference. If you know your product you will undoubtedly understand our product! No! Actually, if you know your product - you’ll love our product!

So what’s so great? Our carbon bars feature ‘Oval Tech’ wall structure to ensure extra material on the high-stress points of our bars, while our carbon wheels are built using the most advanced Carbon layups on market: bar none.

Standard and large pedal sizes to match your foot size, double concave platforms with doubled up cartridge bearings, customisable pattern 4mm pins; small details - big ride results!

You won’t see the intricacies initially: the bearings, the internal structure of our bars and rims or the time it’s taken to make them what they are, but when you use them you’ll soon know and appreciate the extra steps we take to make the best product out there.

But what really sets TAG Metals MTB products apart is SAS, or the Speed Align System. SAS allows a rider to incrementally set up their components to exactly match their requirements. Write down your numbers and you or your mechanic can then set your bike up to the same exacting standards, removing the need for guesswork or leaving you wondering why something doesn’t feel right on your next ride.

Words are easy though. Fact is, such is our belief in what we produce, we offer a lifetime warranty on all TAG products against manufacturing defect.

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